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Dynamic Page List (DPL)是MediaWiki的一个插件,它可以按照一定的规则显示特定目录的文章。
  • 把DynamicPageList目录上传到extensions目录中
  • LocalSettings.php 中增加一行:
  • There is a special feature in DPL which needs another extension: If you use page inclusion and want to use images as link symbols for the original source you must install theLinkedImage extension. For details see there.
  • In some special cases (when DPL queries refer to uncategorized pages) DPL needs a special database view in the MySQL database. You should run the database statement which creates that view if you want to use DPL statements which refer to uncategorized pages. Many installations work well without that and you can postpone this step until you really need it. If DPL cannot execute a DPL statement without that view it will issue a corresponding warning.
    You must have admin rights in your database to execute the "create view" statement; if you defined a database table prefix at installation time of your wiki, you must use that prefix in the statement, otherwise delete "prefix_" before you issue the statement:
CREATE VIEW prefix_dpl_clview AS
SELECT IFNULL(cl_from, page_id) AS cl_from, IFNULL(cl_to, '') AS cl_to, cl_sortkey
  FROM `prefix_page` LEFT OUTER JOIN `prefix_categorylinks` ON page_id=cl_from
Note that you may get a misleading error message from the SQL interpreter (1084 syntax error) if you do not have sufficient privileges to create that view.
If you are using this extension with [url=]IIS[/url] on a Windows box, make sure to give Read & Execute rights to the user IUSR_MACHINENAME (Anonymous Internet Guest Account) for the extensions directory and the DynamicPageList2.php file itself.

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